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CVETNET held its European Conference about digital transformation and intergenerational learning

NEWS | CVETNET held its European Conference about digital transformation and intergenerational learning

On the 21st of October, the CVETNET project, co-financed by the Erasmus+ program, held the European CVETNET conference addressed to SMEs and stakeholders interested in the digital era adaptation and the new intergenerational learning possibilities at work.  Experts and representatives from different European organisations shared their knowledge and experiences in the combined fields of life-long learning and digital transformation.

  • Helena Úlovcová, Czech Chamber of Commerce, highlighted the  new challenges in Digital Transformation and the important role of the chambers of commerce/employers  for Lifelong -learning in order to success in the technological transformation process.
  • Drahoslav Menčík, EKOPANELY Company, explained the new materials produced by CVETNET, such as the guidelines for E Learning  (Contents and Learning Management systems),  peer-learning, reverse mentoring and scape room dynamics, and how these guidelines may help employees to develop their career professional paths ( Linear versus Adaptive path).
  • Klaudius Šilhar, Association of Adult Education Institutions in Slovakia, pointed out the key role of lifelong learning as the only sustainable option for maintaining employment. The results and initiatives already implemented in Slovakia still shows a long way to go in terms of qualification and employment rates.
  • Claudia Neumann, Austrian Economic Chamber  (WKO) explained how technology advances and the business world becomes increasingly complex. The research carried out by CVETNET project confirms a growing demand for soft and interpersonal skills in digital transformation. Therefore, hybrid jobs are increasing in popularity.
  • Robert Ginthör, Know-Center,   presented the huge possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, i.e.: Find the most relevant information, optimise complex processes, predict the future trends, etc. and that specialised companies can help each SME to choose the most adequate solution  of Artificial Intelligence  for it specific needs.
  • Jan Dolejš, Digiskills Company, presented the most innovative tips and tricks to support SMEs to face digital transformation encouraging the mind-set changing of a company through the time saving in SMEs daily tasks.
  • Eduardo Moreno, Madrid VET School, explained the value of adult students taking part in VET Schools and how on-line learning is reinforcing digital competences of students before entering to the labour market.
  • Karmen Vranchev German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce presented the results of the survey targeting 660 companies in Bulgaria after the Covid19 crisis. This survey emphasized the need to update the internal communication channels of the companies; to renew the customers’ relationships and finally, more flexibility is necessary after Covid.

Close to 70 people attended the conference and  vast majority declared that they were very satisfied with the topics and methodologies presented and explained during the conference.

You can obtain more information about the presentations clicking on the links below: