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The next institutions are direct participants of CVETNET. Discover more details about their activities or services as institutions in their respective countries in the descriptions presented below.

The Chamber of Spain

The Chamber of Spain is a public body ruled by Law 4/2014 and that represents the general interest of the Spanish companies and entrepreneurs acting in the commerce, industry, services and navigation sectors. The Chamber of Spain coordinates 85 local Chambers in the country,  and provides advice, support services and training activities to Spanish companies, entrepreneurs and students. 

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The Czech Chamber of Commerce

The Czech Chamber of Commerce, the only legal representative of Czech entrepreneurs as its activity is set by law is the largest and the most representative business association in the Czech Republic. It has more than 15,000 members organized in 62 regional chambers and in 110 branch associations. Its mission is to create opportunities for entrepreneurship and to contribute to the development of business in the Czech Republic.

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The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKOE) represents more than 517,000 member companies. Founded in 1946 it is a public body. As the voice of Austrian business, WKOE is committed to forward-looking policies which benefit the economy e.g. tax relief, cutting red tape, subsidies and coordinates 9 local chambers. Through its educational facility – the Institute for Economic Promotion (WIFI) the WKOE contributes to improving the competitive ability of domestic companies.

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The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (established in 1895) is an independent, non-governmental organization for assistance, promotion, representation and protection of the business interests of its members which are more than 53 000. Its activities and provided services cover the whole geographical territory of Bulgaria through the nationally represented membership and through the network of the 28 regional chambers of commerce and industry.

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German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

As part of the worldwide network of 140 German foreign chambers in 92 countries the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce - AHK Bulgarien engages in dual education and aims to contribute to its implementation, dissemination and sustainable development in the country as a coordinating and consulting organization between business and training institutions. Youth unemployment, migration and the lack of qualified working force are problems at national and European level.

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Terrasa Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Terrassa was founded in 1886, covers an area of 400.000 inhabitants and more than 30.000 companies. The Chamber of Terrassa has a wide experience of entrepreneurial, internationalization and innovation support services to SMEs and to  new entrepreneurs. The Chamber of Terrassa belongs to Enterprise Europe Network under our umbrella organization Catalan Chambers Council.

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Dobrich CCI

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Dobrich is an autonomous non-governmental organisation established to support local entrepreneurial activities and to enhance regional economic development and prosperity. The Chamber’s main goals include the encouragement of international trade and investments as well as serving as a reliable representative of its local members at the national and international levels. 

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