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The Spanish Chamber of Commerce held its last event of CVETNET

NEWS | The Spanish Chamber of Commerce held its last event of CVETNET

The final event was held on December 14 online in which, apart from the Spanish partners, Eva Lample Marcos, Head of the International Relations Area for Professional Training of the General Sub-directorate of VET participated.

The Chamber of Commerce of Spain emphasized the role of the Chamber of Spain in the field of Vocational Training through the different programs that are executed whose objective is the improvement of the training and qualification to enhance the employability of employees. Additionally, the Spain Chamber of commerce deepened  on the main activities and materials developed within the framework of the CVETNET project. Partners analysed the structure of the project, the previous research and the resulting materials in order to give input to one of the last and main activities of the project: The CVETNET pilot program.

The Terrassa Chamber of Commerce, carried out an analysis of the Pilot experience process of implementation in Spain. The main objective of the pilot experience has been to contribute to the adaptation of human resources in companies to professional transformation with the involvement of different generations. Finally, 24 individual training itineraries have been executed in Spain.

Finally, Eva Lample advanced the most novel strategies and lines of action in which the General Sub-Directorate of Organization and Innovation of Vocational Training is working and opted for the internationalization of the VET system as a driving factor for competitiveness.

  1. The role of the Spain Chamber in the promotion of VET
  2. Pilot experience in Spain: Individual Training Pathways
  3. Recording video of the session