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New normal, new approaches

NEWS | New normal, new approaches

The e-FP program emerges as an opportunity in the health emergency caused by the Covid-19, since its digital online format allows it to be carried out normally.

Under the current circumstances caused by COVID-19, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce is emphasizing new training methods and tools to adapt work to this environment.

Currently, 130 seventeen-year-old students participate in the online programme, coming from 10 different educational centres. So far, the program has completed its first phase with the presentation of 32 FP and Dual FP projects.

The programme is addressed to young people willing to learn how to develop a business project successfully. This programme offers them a space for entrepreneurship and innovation as well as methodologies and teaching resources to develop their entrepreneurial spirit, by helping them to explore an idea and turn it into a real product or service.

E-FP connects the demands of the labour market with the e-learning platform (, in which students, teachers and mentors participate throughout the entire process.

Thus, young people should work on their entrepreneurial competence during the course of the program, developing a business project that responds to the current needs of the labour market. After the presentation of the projects and the final evaluation, the best projects will be recognised publicly at e-FP Award Event, which will take place on June 17th.

The students of Vocational Training cycles who are participating in the programme are implementing the contributions of their mentors on their projects, with the help of technology by means of the on-line tools and on-line training.

The on-line format of the E-FP programme has allowed it to continue during Covid19 times, developing and successfully connecting students with their teachers and mentors.

As the director general of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Inmaculada Riera states: “The current employment context seeks profiles such as those offered by Vocational Training and, more specifically, the e-FP programme, which awakens the entrepreneurial spirit of young students. It allows that they dare to take the step of creating successful start-ups that adjust to the needs of the current labour market.”

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