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Facing the reskilling revolution by the Spanish companies

NEWS | Facing the reskilling revolution by the Spanish companies

The report on the reskilling revolution in Spain developed by the EY consultancy analyzes how Spanish companies perceive this challenge, what plans they have in this regard and what are the main factors for success. In June 2020, EY prepared this report based on a survey addressed to HR managers of 54 Spanish companies. The survey aimed at identifying the new trends for labour demand, and the new actions that companies would carry out to respond to them.

The results highlighted that crosscutting skills are crucial to guarantee the survival of most of the companies, due to accelerated change caused by new technologies and the Covid-19 pandemic.

This new environment has generated the appearance of new business models that require new ways of working –such as the smart working– and new jobs for which new skills are required. Therefore, the management of soft skills stands as the key element to implement the new company corporate strategy.

Moreover, the report identified common issues that are more powerful nowadays, such as: creativity, information analysis and teamwork.

When, we refer to company managers, skills training or re-skilling is essential: soft skills are their main tool to manage team working. Executives need to manage multigenerational environments since young generations have other interests and competences than senior employees. A company will not be able to survive in this changing environment without managing the reskilling programs.

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