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Goals and Priorities

CVETNET activities will be aimed at fulfilling the goals established in the beginning. Here the main goals of the project are exposed, as well as the priorities addressed to CVETNET target groups and the results expected.

CVETNET will reinforce VET Networks at European level and promote awareness and implementation of European VET policies, by mutual learning of best practices and will develop, -through cross-border collaboration-, new innovative methodologies and pilot experiences on new intergenerational skills face to digital challenges, in order to strengthen future EU VET policies for learners and employers.

Main goal

Reinforce CVET Networks with cross-border activities and innovative methodologies across all stages of SME employees’ life, to improve the quality and efficiency of VET in Europe.

Business and Finance

Building capacities of the National networks themselves as well as its members on new individual learning pathways as new digital skills and intergenerational learning.

Sharing and transferrings best practices and methodologies

Sharing and transferring best practices and methodologies from most represented countries to less represented among CVET providers networks and partners.

Building new cooperation links

Strengthening and building new cooperation links between the networks of all countries involved with new learning methodologies and materials.

Developing new innovative methodologies

Developing and transferring new innovative methodologies of teaching promoting tools and opportunities for professional development of teachers, trainers, mentors and/or VET leaders.

Support for micro companies and SMEs

Support for micro-enterprises and SMEs in developing human capital, through upskilling and reskilling of employees through the identification of the skill needs and/or skills assessment.

Success will enhance the role and quality of CVET

The project will enhance the role and quality of CVET contributing to their better employability and adaptability of SMEs to digital transformation and intergenerational learning. 

Target Groups

The main groups that benefit from the project are the following ones.

  • National Network leaders. By taking part in project activities and benefitting of the CVET providers network reinforcement and capacity building.
  • National Network CVET provider’s leaders and training responsible. By taking part in project activities such as the train the trainers and by means of project dissemination.
  • SME managers. By means of benefitting of project activities such as participating in focus groups and benefitting of the individual training pathways and those reached by means of project dissemination.
  • SME employees. By means of benefitting of the individual training pathways.
  • VET National Systems responsible. By means of benefitting of project activities such as focus groups, by raising awareness as recipients of research results for policy orientation and by means of participating in project dissemination activities.
  • IVET providers in VET National Systems. By means of the establishment of links between IVET and CVET and by means of project Dissemination activities in which they take part.
  • European VET community. By means of participating in the dissemination of activities included in the European Skills Week.